MTN Customer FAQ

Self Service Terminal

Question: What is the MTN Self Service Terminal – SST?
MTN Self Service Terminal is an interactive application that empowers customers to resolve issues at their convenience without requiring an interaction with an MTN Customer Care Representative. It offers an immediate access to information. You can also make requests, check status of requests and be informed when requested services are completed.

Question: What are the Benefits of Self Service Terminal – SST?

  • Customer Empowerment – MTN Self Service Terminals empowers you to perform guided tasks to obtain products and services they desire
  • Do it Yourself Service –You will be able to resolve issues by yourself without the help of an MTN Customer Care representative
  • Resolve issues and obtain information at your convenience
  • Perform multiple transactions with ease
  • Provide you with a more enjoyable experience boosting customer satisfaction

Question: Will I be charged for using MTN Self Service Terminal - SST?
MTN Self Service Terminal is free for all MTN Customers.

Question: Who can make use of SST?
SST is for all MTN customers, both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Question: Where can I access the MTN SST?
The MTN Self Service Terminal is located at designated MTN service centres Pan Nigeria. Click Here to view location.

Question: Can I access SST without my MTN Security Number? 
Yes, you can access SST without your MTN Security number; however, you will be required to use your MTN Security Number to access some services available.

Question: What are the services available on SST?

  • Perform a SIM Swap
  • PUK Retrieval
  • Recover Over- scratched/ Damaged Pin
  • View Call Records
  • MTN Product Information
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Tariff Plan Migration
  • Call Forwarding
  • Fill User Feedback Form

Question: How do I get my MTN Security Number?
The MTN Security Number has been sent to every MTN number via SMS. If you have not received yours, visit any our Walk In centres or Call 180, your Security number will be sent to you after verifying your details.

MTN Security Number

Question: What is the MTN security number?

Answer:  The MTN security number is a 16 digit number which consist of 12 digits Customer ID and 4 digits Security Key that is totally unique and personal to you. This number is very important and must be protected by not disclosing it to a third party.  MTN Nigeria will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of your MTN Security Number to third parties.

Question: Why do I need an MTN Security Number

Answer:  The MTN security number opens the door to a world of convenient, safe and Do It Yourself Customer service. You will need your MTN Security Number to access customer service and self-help channels on the MTN Network. The Security Number protects your SIM and ensures that no fraudulent activity can be carried out on or with your MTN SIM.

Question: How do I get my MTN Security Number?

Answer: MTN will send your Security Number via SMS and email, where email address is available

Question: Will I be required to present the 16 digits of my Security Number every time?

Answer: No, you will not be required to present the 16 digits of your Security Number every time depending on the service channel you use.

Question: I cannot remember my MTN Security Number, what do I do?

Answer:  If you cannot remember your MTN security number you can reset it either by calling the 180, via the Web and by visiting any of the MTN Customer service walk-in centers pan Nigeria.

Question: I have registered my SIM but I have not received my MTN Security Number, what do I have to do?

Answer:  If you have registered your SIM but have not received your MTN Security number, please visit any MTN Walk-in center. Upon verification of ownership of your SIM, your security number will be sent to you.

Question: Can I change my MTN Security Number?

Answer: Yes, you can change the last 4 digits of your MTN Security number. MTN would advise that you change the last 4 digits of your security number immediately you receive it. To change your MTN Security number simply log on to to access the Web Self Service

Question: Can I give my security number to a Third Party?

Answer: MTN advises that you do not disclose your Security Number to a third party as MTN Nigeria will not be held liable to any loss resulting from disclosure to third parties.

Question: Who will receive the MTN Security Number?

Answer: All registered and unregistered MTN customers must receive security numbers.

Question: What should I do if my Security Number is compromised?

Answer: A customer who feels his/her security number has been compromised should immediately call or visit the customer service center to reset his security number, or change his security key himself using  any of the available channels such as the web.



Question: What is MyIVR?

Answer: MyIVR is a personalised self help service that enables you resolve issues you may encounter while using MTN services without speaking with a Customer Care Representative

Question: Why do I need MyIVR?

Answer: You will need MyIVR to access up to date information on MTN products and services, resolve issues and queries you may encounter while using MTN services without speaking with our customer care Representatives

Question: what number will I dial to get through to MyIVR?

Answer:  you can get through to MyIVR by dialing the following numbers:

Dial 181 if you are calling from an MTN number Dial 080310181 if you are calling from other networks Dial 009(+) 23480310181 if you are calling from an international number Dial 180 and follow the voice prompt, if you are calling from an MTN number Question:  Will I be charged for calling MyIVR?

Answer:  MyIVR is free when you are calling with an MTN number. However, calling from other networks will be charged as per the applicable tariff plan

Question: What are the languages available on MyIVR?

Answer: The languages available on MyIVR are: English, Pidgin, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, French, Spanish, and German

Question: What do I do if I want to speak with a customer care representative while on MyIVR?

Answer:  You will not be able to speak with a customer care representative while on the MyIVR. To speak with a customer care representative, simply dial 180 and follow the voice prompt.

Question: Will I be able to pause MyIVR anywhere?

Answer: No, you will not be able to pause MyIVR

Question: What is quick dial on MyIVR?

Answer: Quick dial on MyIVR enables you to skip other IVR announcements to the particular service you require by pressing a reduced number of keys instead of listening to all the instructions on MyIVR menu. For example instead of listening to the instruction on MyIVR to get to "Register caller tunez service" Simply dial 1221 as soon as you get to the main menu.

Question: At what point does the quick dial work on MyIVR?

Answer:  The quick dial on MyIVR starts working as soon as you get to the main menu after the welcome greetings and authentication.

Question: What are the lists of quick dials available on MyIVR?

Answer:  Listed below are quick dials available on MyIVR. However, quick dial on MyIVR may change as new products and services are added to MyIVR.

MyIVR Quick Dials


Quick Dial




Language menu

SIM Registration Menu


Learn about the benefits of SIM Registration



Confirm  the  status of your SIM registration



Speak with a SIM Registration representative

SIM Swap


SIM Swap info



Report Failed SIM Swap

Caller Tunez


Caller Tunez Info



Report issues with Caller Tunez

Register Caller Tunez Service


To register for the Caller Tunez service



To retrieve  your Caller Tunez list



To retrieve your Caller Tunez password



To cancel your Caller Tunez service



To get Caller Tunez help



To report Caller Tunez Issues

PUK Retrieval


To retrieve PUK

Account Information


To  check account balance



 To recharge

Tariff Plan Migration


 To migrate to TalkOn



To migrate to  Funlink Reloaded



To migrate to Family & Friends Xpanded



 To migrate to Super Saver

Load MTN Bundle


To load HappyLink Bundle



To load FunLink Bundle



T o load SmartLink Bundle

Top up Bundle


 For On net  SMS Top up



 For On net  voice Top up



For National  voice Top up

Load 3G Data Bundle


To load  24 hours Daily plan



To load one Month All-Day Plan



To load one Month Night (9pm-6am) Plan



To load Day Time 9am to 9pm (30 days) plan



To load Weekend (9pm Friday – 6am Monday)

Load Mobile Data bundle


To load daily 10MB bundle



To load Weekly 25MB bundle



To load Monthly 100MB bundle

Check Bundle Balance


To check data bundle balance 



To check VP bundle balance

Menu Personalization



For menu personalization menu

More Options



Phone Settings


 For GPRS Setting



For Message Center Number


Question: What is migration?

Answer: Migration in MTN terms is the movement of a customer from one tariff plan to another.

Question: How do I migrate to any of the new MTN tariff plans?

Answer:  To migrate to:

  • MTN Family and Friends; text 407 to 131 OR dial *407#. For more information click here
  • MTN Pulse; Text 406 to 131 or dial *406# from your phone. For more information click here       
  • MTN Smooth Talk; Text 401 to 131 or dial *401#. For more informationclick here       
  • MTN Super Saver prepaid; Text 408 to 131 OR dial *408#For more information click here

Question: How can I migrate from prepaid to postpaid?

ANSWER: Visit any of our Walk In - Centres with the following:

  • Mode of identification: valid driver´s license, international passport or National Identity card
  • Utility bill: PHCN, Tenancy agreement, water rate
  • Six month bank statement or letter of guarantee from your bank
  • Two coloured passport photograph

Fast link

Question: How do I purchase MTN fast link Modem?

Answer: You can purchase your Fastlink Modem at any of our walk in centresclosest to you with the following:

  • Valid ID card (Drivers Licenses, Int. Passport Or National Id Card)
  • Passport Photograph
  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill-Showing Residential Address)
  • Filled Customer Agreement Form (always available in Walk-in centres)

Question: How do I activate MTN Fastlink?

Answer: MTN Fastlink is simple and easy to use, simply plug in your Fastlink modem to your device and subscribe to any of the Data bundle Plan
For information on Fastlink activation click here . Also click here for available data plans

Question: Can I subscribe to more than one data bundle plan at a time?

Answer: No, you can only subscribe to one data bundle plan at a time

Question: Can I subscribe to another data bundle plan after the expiration of my current plan?

Answer: Yes, you can choose to go to any of the data bundle plans after the expiration of your current Data bundle plan.

MTN mobile Internet

Question: What is MTN Mobile Internet Bundle?

Answer: MTN Mobile Internet Bundles are flexible and affordable browsing plans for use on your mobile phone; classified by data volume and validity period.
Please click here to see available Mobile internet bundle plans

Question: What are the benefits of MTN Mobile Internet Bundles?


  • They are convenient and easily accessible
  • MTN's data coverage is the most extensive, spanning the whole of Nigeria. So, you can use your mobile internet bundle where ever you are within Nigeria.
  • Value for money

Question: How do I access a Mobile Internet Bundle plan?

Answer: You need an internet-enabled phone and an MTN SIM card. Your MTN SIM card is pre-configured with MTN's data settings and is ready to use for Internet browsing.  However, if you own an older SIM that is not configured for browsing, text SETTINGS to 3888 and save the settings received immediately. You can also configure manually. Please click here to get the MTN configuration settings MTN strongly recommends that you subscribe to a data plan before browsing on your phone in order to get the best value and avoid paying the out-of-bundle rate unnecessarily.

Question: How do I keep track of how much data I'm using?

Answer: To check your data consumption, text 2 to 131 to see how much of your data you have used as well as your bundle expiry date and time.

Question: How do I know when my bundle plan expires?

Answer: You will get an SMS notification once your bundle plan expires. You may wish to renew your subscription by texting the code of your preferred plan to 131 each time it expires; otherwise you will be charged the out-of-bundle rate.

Question: How much am I charged per KB without a bundle plan? 

Answer: If you are not subscribed to a bundle plan, you will be charged anOut-of-Bundle rate of 5k/kb. If you are subscribed to a bundle plan, you will be charged in-bundle which is always cheaper than browsing out-of-bundle.  
Question: Can I convert my un-used data to airtime?

Answer: No, you will lose any un-used data at expiry

Question: What if I use my phone as a modem to a PC?

Answer: You will be connected but your data allowance will get consumed much faster. We recommend Fast link bundles if you want to connect your PC.

Question: Can I get assistance if I encounter challenges using the device?

Answer: Yes, you can contact our trained consultants in any of the following ways to provide assistance:

  • You can call our customer service toll free help line - 180 to talk to our customer care representatives
  • Visit any of the MTN Walk-In centres
  • Send email to customer

DSTV Mobile

Question: How do I activate my DSTV mobile in other to enjoy uninterrupted access irrespective of location?

Answer: From your Phone Menu go to settings and confirm the following configurations:

  • Ensure you're Date and Time is correct
  • Auto Update: off
  • Connectivity > Packet Data: Always online
  • Configuration > Personal configuration > account Name = MTN GPRS > Username = web >Password = web > Access Point Name (APN)
  • Homepage:
  • User preferred access point: Yes

DSTV mobile coverage must be available at your location before you can access the service.

Question: Can I answer my calls while watching Mobile TV?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to answer your calls while watching mobile TV; however, your mobile TV will be on pause mode until after the call

Question: Can subscribe to DSTV channels with my prepaid and postpaid lines?

Answer: Yes both can subscribe with both prepaid and postpaid line

For more information about DSTV mobile, click here.


Question: How do I purchase a special number from MTN?

Answer: Visit any of the MTN Walk - In Centres to purchase a special number. Click here to view a list of our centres
Obtaining a special number is subject to availability of the particular special number

Question: How do I recharge my MTN line? 

Answer: You can recharge my MTN line in a number of ways

For Prepaid line:

  • Dial *555* PIN # and press send to recharge
  • You can transfer credit via the MTN share N Sell You can recharge via Virtual Top up (VTU) Click here to learn more about VTU
  • Dial our self service 181 and follow the voice prompt

For Postpaid line

  • Dial *557* PIN # and press send to recharge
  • You can recharge via Virtual Top up (VTU) Click here to learn more about VTU
  • You can transfer credit via the MTN share N Sell
  • Dial our self service 181 and follow the voice prompt

Question: How can I be assisted if part of my recharge card is not visible? 


Question: My recharge status has been barred after several unsuccessful attempts to load credit on my line, how do I unbar my line?


  • Your line will automatically unbar after 30mins - 1hr.
  • Dial our self help service 181 and follow the voice prompt
  • Dial 180 to speak with our customer care representatives
  • Visit any of our Walk In Centres

Question: How do I check my credit balance?


For prepaid line:

Dial *556# and press send 
Write 8 and send as text to 131 
Dial our self help service 181 and follow the voice prompt

For Super Saver postpaid line

  • Dial *558# and press send
  • Write 8 and send as text to 131 you can also
  • Dial our self help service 181 and follow the voice prompt

Question: How do I unblock my MTN Share 'N' Sell PIN? Click here to learn more about MTN Share 'N' Sell

Answer: Call our customer care help line 180 or visit any MTN Service centreclosest to you Click here to view a list of our Walk -In centres

Question: My SIM has been damaged how to I get a SIM replacement?


  • Buy an MTN Welcome Back Pack and call our customer care help line - 180
  • Visit our Walk - In Centre with a Valid Identity card (Drivers License, International Passport or National Identity card)
  • You will be required to answer some security questions before SIM replacement can be completed

Question: How much does it cost to get a SIM replacement?

Answer: SIM replacement costs N150 only

Question: How long can I keep my line inactive before it can be disconnected?

Answer: To have complete access to your line, receive calls, recharge your account, make calls or send SMS within 90days. After 120 days of inactivity, your line will be disconnected from the network.