iPad Powered by MTN 3.5G


Device Inclusive data bundle Activation

Apple iPad

  • Free Micro SIM
  • 6GB of data

Validity: 1 year.

Via SIM Plus application on the iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions about the offer | Where can i find a dealer

How to activate MTN Data plans on an iPad

1. Go to settings> Cellular Data> SIM Applications> SIM Plus and Select My Tools:

2. Wait for the next prompt, select the Data Bundle option and wait for the next prompt:

*If you don't have the Data Bundle option in My Tools menu, then you still have the older version of the SIM Plus Application. Click here for How to update SIM Plus Application.

3. Select the Data Bundle option of your choice:

FastLink: To select from the list of available FastLink plans.
Mobile Plan: To select from the list of available Mobile Internet plans
Promo Bundle: To activate MTN Promotional bundle plans
Check Plan: To Check you data bundle balance.
Reset: To reset your Data Plan, to browse at pay as you go rate (5kobo/KB)

How to get the latest version of SIM Plus

  1. Go to settings> Cellular Data> SIM Applications> SIM Plus and Select My Tools:

  1. Under My Tools, select Manage wait for the prompt to installremove or update.
  2. Select Update and wait for the next prompt.
  3. Select Data Bundle and the menu will be updated (This process take few minutes)

You can now activate any MTN Data Plan of your choice via the SIm Plus Application.