YouTube Video Streaming Pack FAQ's

Q: What is YouTube Video Streaming Pack?

A: The YouTube Video streaming Pack is a time based data plan that allows customers to watch videos on YouTube from a data enabled device.

Q: Who can subscribe to YouTube Video Streaming Pack?

A: All MTN Customers can subscribe to any of the YouTube Video Streaming Packs.

Q: How do I subscribe to YouTube Video Streaming Pack?

A: You can subscribe to any YouTube Video Streaming Pack via SMS by texting the plan specific keyword to 131.

See table below for keywords.

Q: What are the different YouTube Video Streaming plans available?

A: They are 1 hour and 3 hours.

See table below for details.



Streaming Time

Activation SMS to 131


I hour YouTube Pack


1 Hour


24 hours

3 hours YouTube Pack


3 Hours


24 hours

Q: Can I purchase multiple YouTube Streaming Packs?

A: Yes, but only when the current plan expires (when the allocated time elapses). For example, if you have a 1 hour plan, you can only buy another plan when the 1 hour time has been utilised.

Q: Can I stream videos form other sites?

A: NO, the YouTube streaming pack can only be used to watch videos on YouTube.

Q: What happens if my YouTube data plan expires?

A: As soon as the time expires, you will receive a notification to activate another YouTube bundle.

Q: Will I be able to rollover my unused data?

A: NO, your YouTube data resets to zero at the end of the specified time. You will need bto buy another YoTube bundle or any other data plan.

Q: Is my YouTube streaming data unlimited?

A: NO, fair usage policy applies.

1 hour plan is 750MB
3 hours plan is 2.25GB

Q: How do I check my YouTube Video Streaming bundle balance?

A: To check your YouTube Streaming data balance, simply dial *559*18#.

Q: Will my YouTube Plan be auto-renewed?

A: NO, there is no auto-renewal for YouTube video streaming park.

Q: Can I share my YouTube Video Streaming Pack?

A: No, you will not be able to share your YouTube Video pack.

Q: When does the allocated streaming time start?

A: The timer starts once you start watching a video on YouTube.