Lagos, November 28, 2018: In keeping with its ethos of creating unique experiences for customers, MTN Nigeria recently treated its High-Value Customers to a memorable forum at Oriental Hotel, Lagos.  The forum in Lagos was just the latest stop in an annual nationwide effort by the company’s senior management to connect and celebrate some of its most valued customers, and garner feedback on products and services.

The fun and relaxed atmosphere featured Johnny Drille who delivered exciting tunes including Wait for Me, and Dear Future Wife. Elated customers shared their experiences using MTN network, appreciated the company’s efforts in providing stellar services and offered valuable insights on areas of improvement for the company.

In addition to obtaining feedback from customers, the company also maximised the platform to avail its high value customers of latest trend in business, the impact of technology on entrepreneurship and commerce in general. Using selected global and Nigerian case studies to highlight the advantages of utilising technology, the Chief Transformation Officer at MTN Nigeria, Olubayo Adekanmbi said, “The fastest growing businesses in the world have no physical assets. They have distinguished themselves by mining data, deploying technology and being adaptable. By continually reinventing ourselves and striving to respond to evolving dynamics, we at MTN remain committed to ensuring that we continue to give our customers great value and a distinct experience. And we expect every business owner to adapt to the changing business environment.”

Commenting on MTN’s focus on its customers, the Customer Service Executive, Ugonwa Nwoye stated, “As a company, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions and products that support our customers’ aspirations and meet their personal and business needs.” In a concerted effort to improve service delivery, the company recently signed a financing agreement with a consortium of banks to expand its data infrastructure aimed at providing unmatched data experience just for the customer.  MTN also launched the Customer Experience Management (CEM) System in a bid to deliver quality service with an undying commitment to making life easier and brighter for everyone, while creating unique experiences for its customers.

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