MTN CallerFeel

What is MTN CallerFeel?

MTN CallerFeel is a service that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers' phone screen when they call your line. The message will appear as a pop-up notification.

You can also use smileys and emoticons to make your message more exciting.

It can be likened to the way we update status messages on BBM, Facebook and Twitter.

MTN now provides the opportunity for same to be done on your MTN line.

Click here to visit the CallerFeel portal.

What can CallerFeel be used for?

MTN CallerFeel can be used for:

  • Advertising
  • Sharing Status Updates
  • Self-Expression
  • Sharing special moments
  • Sharing Special messages to specific callers.
  • You can be creative in ways to use it

How do I set up my MTN CallerFeel?

  • Text ‘REG1’ to 50016. Registration costs N5/daily and allows for 1 update.
  • Text ‘REG7’ to 50016. Registration costs N30/weekly and allows for 10 updates.
  • Text ‘REG’ to 50016. Registration costs N50/monthly and allows for 25 updates.

How do I personalize my CallerFeel message?

To personalize your CallerFeel, simply create your message and send it to 50016, E.g.;

  • Your Grace Oh Lord is Sufficient!
  • CEO Oma's Beauty Palace! Contact us at shop 102 Palms Mall Lekki for your Total Transformation Therapy!
  •  Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my lovely parents!

Interesting right?  Yes! Let Your Callers Feel You Before You Speak

CallerFeel subscription plans are;

  • Daily
  • N5
  • 1 Update
  • Text"REG1" to 50016
  • Weekly
  • N30
  • 10 Updates
  • Text"REG7" to 50016
  • Monthly
  • N50
  • 25 Updates
  • Text"REG" to 50016
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