MTN Nametunez FAQs

What is MTN Nametunez?

MTN Nametunez is a unique extension of Callertunez which enables a subscriber’s name exist as a Callertune. Subscribers can text his/her name to the Service code 441 and receive a corresponding Call relating to their names in different genres of music.

How many categories of Nametunez is available

There are six categories of Nametunez available on the service. They are; Traditional, Juju, Hip hop, Free style, Inspirational and Professional.

How Do I subscribe to Nametunez Service?

To subscribe to a Nametune, you will text your name to 441 to get the corresponding Call with the Nametunez available on the platform. You can pre-listen and download the Nametune following the Call to action voice flow.

How much does MTN Nametunez and Tune Download cost?

There are Nametune plans available for customers to choose from

Subscription/Tune download plan Days Price Naira
Weekly tune download 7days 20
Monthly tune download 30days 50

What happens after I send the download request via SMS?

Once you send your Name to the short code 441,

- you will receive a voice call from 411 to pre-listen the Nametunez at no cost , while listening you can take the action to download the Nametune directly following the voice flow.

- You can also present a Nametune to your friend following the voice call to action.

After I download the Nameetune, will I also need to pay a separate Service fee?

If you are an existing callertunez subscriber, you will only be charged for the Nametunez download. However when a non-Callertunez subscriber sends a name to 441, the standard Callertunez operation flow shall take effect to register the user for the service at N50 or N20 before the Nametunez activation.

After subscribing to Callertunez, you will be able to get any Nametune of your choice via any of the Nametunez access channels.

What are the channels that I can access Nametunez?

You can access MTN Nametunez through the following channels:

  • SMS - texting the tune code to 441
  • Key Copy – copying a customer’s tune upon calling a customer with the Nametunez
  • USSD (dial *410*6#  or dial *123*5*6#)
  • WEB Portal (
  • WAP Portal (
  • FaceBook APP
  • Callertunez APP
  • IVR
  • OBD
  • Music Plus APP

What happens when my Nametune expires?

Before your Nametunez validity expires, you will receive a pre-notification message from “Callertunez”:

“Your Callertune <tune name> by <artist name> will expire by mm-dd-yy. Your Tune will automatically be renewed for N(PRICE) . To delete this tune, send del(tunecode) to 4100.

Do I get notified after subscribing for Nametunez?

Yes. You get notified if the Nametune download is successful.

What if my name is not available on the platform?

When the Nametunez is unavailable, you get notified via SMS that the Nametunez will be made available within 72hours.

When I download the tune, do I own them forever?

No, each tune have its own validity period, 7 days or 30 days.

Will I be able to download Nametunez without sufficient airtime?

In a situation where you do not have sufficient airtime in your account, the system will allow you download the tune via Easy Download . On the following day, the system will try to charge you for the download fee. If you still do not have enough airtime for the service, the tune will be deleted of your library.

If I don’t pay my subscription fee what happens to the tunez in my personal library?

You will be unsubscribed from the Service and your tunez will be kept till the day of the expiry of the Caller tunez.

Do I pay for every change of tune in my personal library?

Each tune will be auto-renewed at the end of the validity periods.

What is the maximum number of tunez I can have in my personal library?

You can have a maximum of 20 Tunez in your library.

I want to give a friend a gift from NameTunez. How do I send her the song?

You can do the following:

  • Text “presenttunecode phonenumber” to 441
  • Text your friend’s name to 441, pick the outbound call from 441 afterwards to pre-listen to the tunes.
  • Follow the instruction to gift the tune.’ enter recipients number, select the tune to present and send.

How do I confirm that my friend received the NameTunez gift I gave him/her?

You will get an SMS to confirm the success or failure of the Caller Tunez gift.

Can I get tips on how to use the Nametunez service?

Yes, you can get tips on how to use the service by texting HELP to 4100

How Do I unsubscribe from the Service?

To unsubscribe from the service, you can do either of the following:

  • Text CANCEL or NO to 4100
  • Dial *410#
  • Dial *123*5#

How Do I delete a tunez from the Service?

To delete a tunez, you can do either of the following:

  • Text the del<tune code> to 4100
  • Dial *410*2# to select the tune to delete.
  • Dial *123*5# to select the tune to delete

When I delete a tune what happens to my Callertunez Service?

When you delete a tune, you will still be on the Callertunez platform until you unsubscribe from Callertunez service.

How do I check the tunes in my Nametunez library?

You can check by texting “LIB” to 4100