MTN International Bundles FAQ

What is International Calling Bundle?
International Calling Bundle is a bundle that offers MTN Prepaid and ePostpaid customers’ generous International Voice minutes at a discounted price.
Who can buy the new International Calling Bundle?
All MTN Prepaid and ePostpaid customers can buy the International Calling Bundle.
How many types of International Calling Bundle are available?

There are two (3) types of International Calling Bundles that are available;

  • IDB 300
  • IDB 500
  • IDB 1500
What do I get when I buy the International Calling Bundle?

When you buy any of the bundle, you get International voice minutes for your international calls as stated below:

  • IDB 300 gives you 20 International minutes.
  • IDB 500 gives you 40 International minutes.
  • IDB 1,500 gives you 150 International minutes
How many international calling can I call after buying the bundle?

You will be able to call 28 (twenty-eight) international calling and they are:

S/N Destination
1 Australia
2 Canada
3 China
4 Germany
5 India
6 Ireland
7 Malaysia
8 Netherlands
9 South Africa
10 Spain
11 United Kingdom
12 United States
13 Thailand
14 Sweden
15 South Korea
16 Israel
17 Hong Kong
18 Norway
19 Romania
20 Finland
21 Denmark
22 Cyprus
23 Singapore
24 Malta
25 Mexico
26 Bulgaria
27 Luxembourg
28 Pakistan
How do I buy any of the MTN International Calling Bundles?

To buy,

  • IDB300, text IDB300 to 131.
  • IDB500, text IDB500 to 131.
  • IDB1500, text IDB1500 to 131.
What is the validity of the bundles?

The bundles have different validity. 

  • IDB300 is valid for 3 days.
  • IDB500 is valid for 7 days.
  • IDB1500 is valid for 30 days.
Will I be able to purchase the same bundle multiple times?
Yes, you will be able to purchase same bundle multiple times as well as purchase different bundles at the same time.
Will I be able to purchase another bundle if I exhaust the voice minutes in my current bundle before my bundle expires?
Yes, you will be able to re-purchase that same bundle again after exhausting the minutes AND you can as well buy another bundle type
Example: If you buy IDB500 and exhaust the minutes, you will be able to buy another IDB500 bundle or buy IDB300 or IDB1500.
Will I be able to purchase another bundle if I have not exhausted the minutes in my current active bundle?
Yes, you will be able to purchase another bundle even if you have not exhausted the minutes in your current bundle.
Will I be able to call national numbers with the bundle minutes?
No, you will not be able to make national calls or call other international calling not listed in the eligible international calling.
Will I be able to call the eligible calling when the bundle expires?
No, all your calls to the eligible destinations will be charged from your main account and at the current international rate.
Will my international bundle renew automatically after expiration?
Yes, your international bundle subscription will be renewed automatically as long as you have enough money in your main account at the time of renewal.
Will I be able to stop my bundle from renewing automatically?

Yes, you will be able to stop your bundle from renewing automatically by sending the cancellation keyword to 131 before the time of expiry. For

  • IDB300, text NoIDB300 to 131.
  • IDB500 text NoIDB500 to 131.
  • IDB1500, text NoIDB1500 to 131
What happens to my unused minutes after my bundle expires?
Once your bundle expires, all your unused voice minutes will be cleared from your bundle account BUT if you renew your bundle before it expires, all your unused voice minutes will be rolled over to the next bundle cycle.
Will I be able to buy International Calling Bundle again after cancelling the auto-renewal?
Yes, you will be able to buy the International Calling Bundle again by sending the keyword of that bundle type to 131.
How can I check my bundle balance?

Simply dial *559*7#.

Will my old bundle auto renew?
No, your old bundle will not renew again. You will be required to subscribe to any of the new bundles.
Summary of the bundle
Bundle Type IDB300 IDB500 IDB1500
Bundle price NGN 300 NGN 500 NGN 1500
Subscription keyword IDB300 to 131 IDB500 to 131 IDB1500 to 131
Bundle Minutes 20 40 150
Validity days 3 days 7 days 30 days
Eligible destinations Australia
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
South Korea
Hong Kong
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