MTN Mobile Radio FAQ

Q: How do I access MTN Radio?

Dial 4500 from your phone and enjoy the MTN Mobile Radio service by following the instructions.

Q: What are the language options available?

You can choose to listen to the instruction language in the following languages:

  • English
  • Pidgin

Just follow the IVR instructions and enter the desired language choice button.

Q: What are the charges for MTN Mobile Radio?

  • Day time IVR Browsing fee/minute: The customer will pay N15/minute fee in order to browse the Mobile Radio as well as to downloads songs and stored in his/her Playlist Library, and downloaded as ringtone or ring back tone between 4:30am and 11.59pm daily.
  • Night time IVR Browsing fee/minute: The customer can download his/her choice of songs to be stored in the Playlist or as ringtone or ring back tone for N5/minute between 12am and 4.29am daily.
  • Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) fee: The customer will pay N50 per song downloaded as CRBT.
  • Dedication fee: The customer will pay N100 for songs dedicated to friends and loved ones.
  • True-tone fee: The customer will pay N100 for each song downloaded.  

Q: What makes up the Top Ten songs on the Mobile Radio Platform?

Top Ten songs are the most popular songs which are in high demand by the music lovers. This keeps changing as and when a new album or song arrives in the market.

Q: Am I charged separately for the listening to the Top Ten?

No, you are not charged.

Q: Can I skip a song or select a new song while listening?

Yes. You can press the following keys for the various functions while listening:

Main menu –                              Press *

Previous menu –                         Press #

Dedication –                               Press 1

Download a song –                     Press 2

Set RBT –                                  Press 3

Save to My Playlist –                  Press 4

Next Song –                               Press 5

Previous Song –                          Press 6

To delete a song -                       Press 7

Help menu –                              Press 0

Navigation Menu  -                   Press 9

Q: I am an existing subscriber of MTN Radio. Can I select My Playlist directly? 

Yes. The system will take you directly to your Playlist provided “My Playlist” has been created. Alternatively you may press “8” anytime and go to your playlist.

Q: Can I browse through and select a song of my choice of artist?

Yes. MTN Mobile Radio allows you to search and select the song artiste wise. For example, if your choice of artiste is Dbanj, then from the selection menu, select artiste wise and then select for Dbanj by pressing the correct number on your mobile phone.

Q: Can I select a song from a specific category of my choice?

Yes. MTN Radio gives you the option of selecting your songs from the list of popular categories.

Q: What are the various categories that are available on MTN Mobile Radio?

The various main and sub categories that are available are as follows:

  • Gospel Music
  • Nigerian Music
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • Juju
  • Soul
  • Rap
  • Jazz and many more……….

Q: Do I need to pay any additional subscription charge to create and use My Playlist?

No, there is no additional charge.

Q: How do I create My Playlist? 

While listening to any song, just press 4 to save that song in My Playlist. You may repeat the same procedure for any song that you would like to add to your Playlist.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of songs that can be saved in My Playlist?

The maximum number of songs is 20 songs.

Q: Is there any expiry period for the songs saved in the playlist?

No. The playlist is active and can be used for as long as your MTN line is active on the network.

Q: Can I dedicate any song on MTN Mobile Radio to someone I wish?

Yes. MTN Mobile Radio allows you to dedicate a song to your friends and loved ones along with a personalized message who are also on the MTN network. Dedications can be made to your friends, relatives, well-wishers during any occasion such as birthdays, wedding anniversary, marriage proposals, promotion, etc. Just Press 1 at any time to dedicate a song. You will receive an SMS showing you the procedure to follow to dedicate the song.

Q: Can a dedication be made to any number not on the MTN Network?

No, Dedications can be made to only valid MTN numbers. User will get a notification via SMS once dedication is sent.

Q What if the recipient was unable to attend to the call and thus missed my dedication made to him?

MTN Mobile Radio will retry four times and then send out an SMS notifying the recipient of the missed dedication.

Q: Can I download a song onto my mobile?

Yes. You can download a song of your choice only if your phone is wap enabled and you can confirm by pressing 2, followed by pressing 2 again.

Q: Are songs on my Playlist transferable?


Q:  How do I delete a song/songs from my playlist?

By dialing into the shortcode and following the help section where option for delete will be found