What is VTU ALIAS Top –Up number?
  • VTU Alias number enables customers top-up Airtime, data and other via VTU without giving out their phone numbers!
  • The customer gives his/her ALIAS Number in-place of his/her number to any one that wants to recharge his/her phone.
How do I get/generate my Alias Number?
  • MTN subscriber will dial *323# to generate an 11 digit Alias Number.
  • Alias number is generated once; customer does not need to generate number upon every VTU top request.
Why is the Alias number 11 digit long and not 4 or 3 digits?
  • MTN has a  big subscriber base of over 60 million and an 11 digit will  generate enough unique numbers for all the subscribers that need Alias numbers
Can I save my ALIAS number on my Phone address book?
  • Yes, you can save your ALIAS number on your phone book
  • Save the Alias number on your phone contact as MTN ALIAS 323
Why do I have use MTN and 323 to save my ALIAS number?
  • Because some people have more than one sim card in their phones 
  • Also 323 is the MTN USSD short code and it will be easy for you to remember
Do I have to generate the number every time I want to Top Up with VTU?
  • No, it is a Permanent number Per MSISDN/Customer.
Where and how can I use the Alias number to recharge my phone or other people’s phone?
  • It can be used on all VTU platforms- ATMs, Quickteller, PAGA, PayArena, and other forms of VTU vendor Recharges , 3rd party recharges via USSD shot codes like 737, etc.
If I forget my Alias Number How do I retrieve ?
  • You simply dials *323#, Select “View” from options displayed to retrieve Alias Number.

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